Throttling Bandwidth (IIS 6.0)

If the network or Internet connection used by your Web server is also used by other services such as e-mail or news, you may want to limit the bandwidth used by your Web server so it is available for those other services. If your Web server hosts more than one Web site, you can individually throttle the bandwidth used by each site.

This section includes the following information:

Enabling Packet Scheduler: Describes how to enable Packet Scheduler when configuring a site to use bandwidth throttling without using IIS Manager.

Enabling Bandwidth Throttling: Describes how to enable bandwidth throttling globally for the WWW service and for individual Web sites.

Disabling Bandwidth Throttling: Describes how to disable bandwidth throttling for individual Web sites.

Related Information

For more information about when and where to use bandwidth throttling, see Throttling Bandwidth to Manage Service Availability.

For more information about improving the performance of IIS network resources using related features like HTTP Compression and connection limits, see Administering Network Resources.

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