Configuring Applications to Use COM+ Services (IIS 6.0)

COM+ provides a number of services that can be used by Active Server Pages (ASP) applications, and it provides one service, transaction processing, that can be used by ASP pages. For more information about COM+ Services in ASP, see Improvements to the ASP Programming Environment. For information on how to configure these services in COM+, either programmatically or by using Component Services Manager, see the related information in the COM+ Software Development Kit (SDK) or online at COM+ (Component Services).


Batch Logon is required for COM+ server-activated application identities. COM+ will add this automatically when you enter a new account for the identity of a COM+ application using the UI. Batch Logon gives your application the ability to execute code across servers, but does not allow the account to logon interactively to home server.

This section contains the following information:

Enabling Side-by-Side Assemblies using IIS Manager: Explains how to enable side-by-side assemblies using IIS Manager.

Configuring Launch Permissions for COM+ Server Objects: Explains how to configure launch permissions for distributed Web applications.

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