Metabase Import and Export in IIS 6.0 (IIS 6.0)

You can copy elements of a metabase in order to clone applications or Web sites, or to produce a metabase template. These copied elements may be moved to another computer or added back to the metabase of the computer from which the elements were copied.

This section includes the following operational information:

Exporting Metabase Elements with IIS Manager: Explains how to create export files for metabase elements using IIS Manager. Export files must be created before the import feature can be used.

Importing Metabase Elements with IIS Manager: Explains how to import metabase element files using IIS Manager.

Moving Sites and Applications to Another Computer in IIS 6.0: Discusses the procedure for creating a template of an import file and special considerations when importing and exporting sites and applications.

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