Site Setup (IIS 6.0)

This section describes how to complete a first-time basic setup of a Web server, FTP server, SMTP (e-mail) server, and NNTP (news) server. Additionally, publishing information to your Web and FTP sites is discussed.

Internet Information Services (IIS) makes no distinction whether the site you create is an internal-only site (intranet) or an Internet site. Setup, configuration, and administration procedures are the same for both kinds of sites. Differences exist only in the specific configuration information you supply to IIS.

When you install a member of the Microsoft Windows ServerTM 2003 family, IIS creates a minimal configuration consisting of a default Web site in a highly secure mode limited to static content. Other IIS services and options, such as FTP, SMTP, and NNTP are not installed by default. This section also describes how to install these services.

This section includes the following information:

Web Site Setup: Describes the basics of managing a Web site's infrastructure, from setting a site home directory and default Web Page, to redirecting requests and dynamically altering Web pages.

FTP Site Setup: Describes installation of the FTP service, and changing default FTP settings globally and for specific FTP sites.

SMTP Server Setup: Describes installation of the SMTP service and the service's capabilities.

NNTP Server Setup: Describes installation of the NNTP service and how hosting a news server can be an effective tool for managing discussions.

Web Authoring with WebDAV: Describes the features of WebDAV and how to set up a WebDAV publishing directory on an IIS server.

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