Obtaining Server Certificates (IIS 6.0)

You can obtain server certificates from a third-party certification authority (CA), which may require you to provide proof of identity before issuing a certificate. You can also issue your own server certificates by using an online CA, such as Microsoft Certificate Services, which installs the certificate at the time of your request. When you use the Server Certificate Wizard to obtain a server certificate, the process is referred to as creating a server certificate.

This section includes the following information:

Requesting a New Server Certificate from an Online CA: Describes how to request a server certificate by using the Web Server Certificate Wizard.

Obtaining a Server Certificate from a Third-party CA: Describes how use a server certificate request to obtain a server certificate from a certification authority.

Issuing Your Own Server Certificates: Describes how to act as your own certification authority to issue server certificates for the Internet or for corporate intranets.

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