Determining Whether to Run the IIS Lockdown Tool and UrlScan (IIS 6.0)

UrlScan and the IIS Lockdown Tool are IIS security related programs designed for IIS 5.1 and earlier. Each tool provides different types of protection for earlier versions of IIS.

IIS Lockdown Tool

The IIS Lockdown Tool is provided to assist administrators in configuring optimal security settings for existing IIS servers. You cannot install the IIS Lockdown Tool after migration because all of the default configuration settings in IIS 6.0 meet or exceed the security configuration settings made by the IIS Lockdown Tool.


UrlScan is a tool that is provided to reduce the attack surface of Web servers running earlier versions of IIS. By default, IIS 6.0 has features that significantly improve security by reducing the attack surface of the Web server. UrlScan provides flexible configuration for advanced administrators, while maintaining the improved security in IIS 6.0. When you need this flexibility in configuring your Web server, you can run UrlScan on IIS 6.0.

For more information about determining whether to run UrlScan after migrating your server to IIS 6.0, and to download the latest version of the URLScan tool, see Knowledge Base article 307608, Using UrlScan on IIS.

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