Common Administrative Tasks (IIS 6.0)

If you are already familiar with running Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 and need only a quick refresher to perform an administrative task, or if you are learning how to use IIS and want to know the most common tasks that follow an IIS installation, use this appendix as a quick reference. IIS 6.0 provides a wealth of tools and features, many of which are outlined in this appendix, to help you create a strong and secure communications platform of dynamic network applications.

In This Appendix

Overview of Common Administrative Tasks

Important First Tasks after Installing IIS 6.0

Tasks New to IIS 6.0

Security-Related Tasks

Tasks for Managing Servers and Applications

Tasks for Administering Servers

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For information about configuring IIS 6.0 programmatically, see IIS 6.0 Administration Scripts, Tips, and Tricks.

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