Configuring Applications in IIS 6.0 (IIS 6.0)

This section identifies some of the configuration options that are available to Web-based applications through IIS Manager, including performance, caching, and debugging options.

This section includes the following information:

About Configuring Applications: Defines Web-based applications and explains how your Web site's directory structure is related to them.

Creating Applications in IIS 6.0: Explains how to set up a directory so that it is the starting point, or root, of an application.

Setting Application Mappings in IIS 6.0: Describes how to associate a file name extension with the program that processes those files.

Configuring ASP.NET Applications in Worker Process Isolation Mode: Describes how to configure Microsoft ASP.NET applications when running in worker process isolation mode. In worker process isolation mode, attributes defined in the Machine.config file can now only be defined through Internet Information Services (IIS).

Configuring ASP Applications: Outlines how to set properties for Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) applications.

Enabling ASP Debugging: Explains how to check and correct ASP pages that are run in worker process isolation mode.

Configuring CGI Applications: Provides information on installing and configuring Common Gateway Interface (CGI) applications on the Web server.

Configuring ISAPI Extensions: Explains how to fine-tune server performance by caching Internet Server API (ISAPI) extensions.

Installing ISAPI Filters: Describes ISAPI filters and explains how to associate them with a Web server event.

Installing Wildcard Application Mappings: Describes how to configure a Web site to run an ISAPI application regardless of the extension of the requested file.

Configuring Applications to Use COM+ Services: Describes how to configure ASP applications to use component services.

Related Information

For information on setting application-related server configurations that are dependent on an isolation mode, see Configuring Servers for Applications.

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