IIS Metabase (IIS 6.0)


The metabase is a repository for most Internet Information Services (IIS) configuration values. The metabase is a plaintext XML file and can be edited manually or programmatically. The metabase is also extensible in a highly efficient manner. As your IIS deployment grows, so does the metabase; however, by using an inheritance model, explicit declarations of duplicate values is avoided, reducing overhead when configuration values need to be read from the metabase.

This section includes the following information:

Enabling Edit-While-Running in IIS 6.0: Explains how to enable metabase edit-while-running by using IIS Manager and the command line.

Backing Up and Restoring the Metabase in IIS 6.0: Discusses backing up and restoring the metabase.

Metabase Import and Export in IIS 6.0: Describes site cloning, application cloning, and creating a metabase template to import from other servers running IIS.

Metabase Auditing: Describes enabling and disabling the feature that audits changes to IIS metabase settings.

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