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March 2007
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Everyone Who's Anyone Is Going To TechEd 2007
TechEd 2007   
If you haven't registered for TechEd 2007 (to be held June 4-8 in Orlando, FL) the Scripting Guys encourage you to do so before April 7th. Is that because April 7th is the last day that you can sign up at the discount rate, and thus save yourself $200? Well, to tell you the truth, we didn't even know about that. No, we just wanted to encourage everyone to sign up simply because the Scripting Guys will be there, and we don't want to attend TechEd all by ourselves.

Although, now that you mention it, that would be a good way to ensure that we got extra desserts, wouldn't it?

At any rate, the Scripting Guys will be hanging out in the Exhibition Hall as part of the TechNet Magazine booth. Will we have a fun little handout to help you pass the time at the conference? You bet we will. Will we be holding daily drawings to give away Dr. Scripto bobblehead dolls? Well, TechEd couldn't be considered a world-class conference if it wasn't giving away Dr. Scripto bobblehead dolls, now could it? Will the Scripting Guys sit and chat with you about scripting and your scripting needs? Are you kidding? We plan on spending all our time at Walt Disney World and Universal's Islands of Adventure.

No, hey, just kidding: of course we'll be available to chat with you. In fact, that's the only reason we're going: to give us the chance to talk to people and find out how we can better help you with your scripting needs. Swing by the booth, talk to the Scripting Guys, enter the drawing for a boblehead doll, and pick up one of the fun giveaways.

Who said, "Is that all?" You want more? OK, how about this: if all goes well you'll be able to get your picture taken with Dr. Scripto himself! And who knows? We might even have a second contest, one in which people try to guess how many staples Scripting Guy Jean Ross will get in her head during this trip. Like they say, a good time will be had by all.

And who knows? Maybe we'll even come up with something else between now and June 4th.
TechEd 2007   
This year TechEd is giving people the opportunity to vote on which "Birds of a Feather" sessions they'd like to see held at the Orlando conference. One of the sessions up for a vote is titled What's Up in Scripting for System Administrators? We'd like to encourage you to click the above link and vote for this session. The Scripting Guys aren't sponsoring this get-together, but if the session is held we'll be there.

What do you mean, "Will you be giving anything away to people who attend this session?" Come on, isn't enough to just have the Scripting Guys show up?

Well, to be honest, we agree with you. OK, tell you what: we'll see if we can scrounge up something to give away. But first the session needs to get on the schedule. As they say in America, vote early and vote often.
TechEd Europe   
That's OK; after all, there's always TechEd Europe: IT Forum, scheduled for November 12-16 in Barcelona, Spain. Depending on the travel budget for the next fiscal year the Scripting Guys hope to make it to Barcelona as well. Are we planning on doing some fun things in Barcelona, too? Let's put it this way: we wouldn't go all the way to Barcelona in order to have a bad time.

New in the Script Center
MMS 2007   
No, Scripting Guy Jean Ross isn't a war correspondent; she just looks like she's been through a war zone afrer covering Microsoft Management Summit 2007. Get the scoop on Microsoft's new management technologies and read about Jean's more-eventful-than-expected adventures in the wilds of San Diego.
Sesame Script   
Select and Case: what would one be without the other? Not much, at least not when it comes to system administration scripting. This month's Sesame Script explains how the Select and Case keywords work hand-in-hand to bring added power and flexibility to your scripts.
TechNet Magazine   
If the Scripting Guys had a nickel for each TechNet Magazine article they've written that explains how to display a dialog box for selecting Active Directory users they'd have, well, a nickel. This month get the lowdown on how to add a simple GUI front-end to your ADSI scripts.

Update: 2007 Winter Scripting Games
2007 Winter Scripting Games   
Yes, we know: if you're one of the lucky 250 people who won a Dr. Scripto Bobblehead Doll there's only one thing on your mind these days: when am I actually going to get my Dr. Scripto Bobblehead Doll? To be honest, we're not sure; the latest word from the manufacturer is that we will have the bobbleheads "early in April." At this point in time all we can say is that we will ship the bobbleheads out as soon as we get them.

You say you're not sure whether or not you are one of the lucky 250 people who won a bobblehead? Whatever you do, don't panic; instead, check the list of winners published in the Script Center. If you see your name and none of the Scripting Guys has contacted you yet, just email and let us know.

Also, the Certificates of Excellence were mailed out on Monday, March 26th; that means you should be getting your certificate (or certificates) very soon. If yours doesn't arrive or if you discover a mistake (we sent the wrong certificate, we misspelled your name, etc.) then, again, just let us know.

Thanks again to everyone who took part in the Games. We hope to see you -- and everyone else -- in February for the 2008 Games.

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