Product:.NET Framework
Event ID:10032
Source:Windows Server Update Services
Symbolic Name:HealthCoreContentSyncRed
Message:The server is failing to download some updates.
WSUS synchronization needs to download update content from the upstream server or Microsoft Update.
User Action
Content Synchronization Failed

Content download has failed. BITS service is not starting or is stopping during downloads.

  1. Open a command window.
  2. Type sc config bits start= auto
  3. Type net stop bits && net start bits
  4. Type net stop wsusservice && net start wsusservice
  5. Start WSUS 3.0: Click Start, click Administrative Tools, then click Microsoft Windows Server Update Services v3.0.
  6. Click Synchronization Results.
  7. In the Action pane, click Synchronize Now.


Look for the corresponding error event.

    1. Open a command window.
    2. Type cd <WSUSInstallDir>\Tools
    3. Type wsusutil checkhealth
    4. Type eventvwr
    5. Review the Application log for the most recent events from source Windows Server Update Services and event id 10030.