Event ID:3093
Source:MSExchangeIS Public Store
Component:Microsoft Exchange Information Store
Message:Error <error code> reading property <value> on object type <object type> from database "<name>".

This event can occur if diagnostic logging has been turned up. It can be seen in situations where there are problems with the public folder hierararchy, and/or content replication. The error code in the event description will give an indication as to the underlying cause. Use the ERROR.EXE tool on the Exchange Server CD to decode the error. Following are a few of the several causes of this event:

  • Replication for the message database on the server has been turned off (using the registry).
  • The public folder store object may not have been stamped with the correct ProxyAddresses attribute.
  • There could be permissions issues on the public folder store object.
  • In a mixed environment and multi-site situation, the default public folder store on the Exchange 2000 Server may be pointing to an Exchange 5.5 server in another site.

Such an error may not necessarily indicate there is a problem. The RTM version of Exchange Server may generate an error if a certain property is being examined and, when not found, uses the default values. However, the application log will still log this event. In such a case, the event can be safely ignored. Always use common sense and context when troubleshooting issues such as this.

User Action
  • Ensure that there are no permissions issues on the public folder store object.
  • Ensure that replication for the messaging database on the server has not been turned off using the registry.
  • Ensure that the default public folder store for Exchange Server is pointing to the local public folder store.

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