Event ID:9673
Component:Microsoft Exchange Information Store
Message:An exception with code error code was thrown in module file name; some parameters and their values were text. A significant section of the call stack is in the data section.

This Error event can be logged when the Microsoft Exchange Information Store process (Store.exe) stops unexpectedly.

The error code in the event description may indicate what caused the store.exe process to stop. You can use the Error Code Look-up command line tool (Err.exe) to learn more about the error code you have received. You can download Err.exe from the Exchange Server Error Code Look-up page of the Microsoft Download Center.

The event description gives you the exception address. An exception is an unexpected condition that occurs during processing. The exception address is the memory location of the instruction that caused the exception. You can use a debugging tool such as ADPlus (ADPlus.vbs) to help you determine the cause of the unexpected termination. When a good debugger has been configured on the system, a log file is generated that captures information about processes that are running, the call stack of the faulting module, and so on.

    Note   ADPlus is a tool from Microsoft Product Support Services that can troubleshoot any process or application that stops responding. ADPlus can be attached to a process that is not responding to capture additional information about the cause of the failure. For information about using ADPlus, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 286350, How to use ADPlus to troubleshoot "hangs" and "crashes".

User Action

The Store.exe process may stop unexpectedly for several reasons. Frequently, finding the underlying reason for the failure involves looking at a log file generated by the debugger, determining what which function was at fault, and tracing the code path that was being traversed by that function. If you are not familiar with advanced debugging tools, contact Microsoft Product Support Services for help.

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