Product:Windows Operating System
Event ID:4321
Message:The name "%2" could not be registered on the Interface with IP address %3. The machine with the IP address %4 did not allow the name to be claimed by this machine.

Your computer cannot access the network because it could not contact the Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) server to register its name . This could be caused by loss of network connectivity.

User Action

If your computer is connected to the network by cable, confirm that the cable is plugged in properly. If you have a wireless network connection, confirm that you have a signal and the proper credentials for the wireless network.

If the network connection is working properly, check the following possible causes and take corrective action:

  1. The network is down.
  2. The firewall on your computer is blocking out network broadcast traffic.
  3. Your computer's network interface card or driver is not functioning correctly.

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