Product:Windows Operating System
Event ID:5002
Message:Service encountered an error communicating with partner for Replication Group

The DFS Replication service encountered an error communicating with a partner for the listed replication group.


This error usually appears when the DFS Replication service is unable to set up a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) binding to communicate with the partner.

It may also be caused by RPC blocking at a firewall between partners, or a DNS error.

Finally, this error may appear when the two partner computers are running different versions of Dfsr.exe.

User Action

Verify that normal communication between the two computers is working.

  • If there is a firewall between the partner computers, verify it is not blocking RPC communication.
  • Verify that DNS is working on both partner computers.

Ensure that the same version of DFSR.exe is running on both partner computers. The file is located at %system32%\DFSR.exe. You might need to install service packs, downloads or hotfixes on one or both computers in order to run matching versions of the service.

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