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What Is A Podcast?

A podcast is an audio or video file that’s available online. You can subscribe to a podcast and have it automatically downloaded into your podcast software. Most podcasts are MP3 audio files, and feeds are available through RSS.

Why A TechNet Magazine Podcast?

For each issue, we will give you a preview of what’s coming up in the magazine. We will also have chats with our authors, background material on the issue, and other great info you won’t find anywhere else.

How Do I Listen?

You can either download our latest podcast directly from this page, or subscribe through your favorite podcast reader through our feed.

IssueGuestsDownload (Right-click "Save Target As")
June 2007 Matt Clapham Podcast (13.1 MB)
April 2007 John Morello Podcast (14.4 MB)
March 2007 Joseph Davies, the Cable Guy Podcast (13.2 MB)
February 2007 Raymond Chen Podcast (24.1 MB)
January 2007 KC Lemson Podcast (16.4 MB)
December 2006 Don Jones Podcast (16.4 MB)
November 2006 Mark Russinovich Podcast (21.8 MB)
October 2006 Alexander Nikolayev Podcast (13.3 MB)
September 2006 Stewart Cawthray and Greg Stemp Podcast (19.5 MB)
August 2006 Matt Hester Podcast (9 MB)
July 2006 Jesper Johanssen Podcast (8.2 MB)
May-June 2006 Brett Hill, Jeremy Moskowitz, Steve Riley Podcast (30.4 MB)

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