Microsoft System Center 2012 transforms the way you deliver IT and application services to your organization, optimizing resources across your public and private clouds, all managed from a single console view.
By optimizing your existing IT infrastructure with System Center 2012, you can realize the following benefits:

Hybrid Cloud Management

System Center 2012 offers a single toolset with integrated physical, virtual, private cloud, and public cloud management to help you increase operational efficiency and optimize ROI at any point in your cloud computing journey. With System Center 2012, you can construct and manage clouds across multiple datacenter infrastructures and service providers. You can provide delegated authority to empower your application owners with a common self-service experience to manage their application services across private clouds and public clouds – even as IT retains centralized visibility and control to meet enterprise security and compliance requirements.

Deep Application Insights

System Center 2012 follows a service centric approach and helps you manage your application components in the context of the holistic service that it represents to the business. System Center 2012 offers deep application and transaction monitoring insight for .NET applications and J2EE application server health to maximize availability and performance. Microsoft Server Application Virtualization, a feature of System Center 2012, optimizes your applications for private cloud deployments by abstracting applications from their underlying infrastructure.

Flexible and Cost-Effective Infrastructure

To help you extend your existing datacenter investments and skillsets, System Center 2012 offers integration and interoperability for your heterogeneous datacenter environments, including multi-hypervisor management, cross platform monitoring, and integrated automation across management toolsets from multiple vendors. You can automate repetitive tasks to help drive down your costs and improve service reliability. You can pool and abstract your datacenter resources – compute, network, and storage – into a private cloud infrastructure fabric and delegate this fabric to your business units' IT organizations in a flexible yet controlled manner. Application owners can request capacity in a self-service mode through a standardized service catalog.

Better Economics than VMware

System Center 2012 provides a unified solution and simplifies the number of product editions to two (Standard and Datacenter). And because System Center 2012 Datacenter licensing covers unlimited virtual machines, you can continually increase your VM density without additional licensing costs for virtualizing infrastructure and applications. Our analysis shows that a VMware private cloud solution can cost from five to sixteen times more than a comparable Microsoft private cloud solution over a period of one to three years.

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