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Security feature-enhanced database platform

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 offers security feature enhancements that help provide effective management of security feature configuration, strong authentication and access control, powerful encryption and key management capabilities, and enhanced auditing.
  • Help secure data across the enterprise

    Help protect your data with a database solution that is designed to be secure by default and secure in deployment.

  • Control access to data resources

    Take control of your data by providing access to only users who need it, and by managing authentication and authorization effectively.

  • Encrypt sensitive data

    Protect sensitive data through built-in cryptographic capabilities and support for enterprise key management solutions.

  • Audit database activity

    Audit activity in your database systems for accountability and compliance.

Highlighted Capability

Transparent Data Encryption Diagram

Attribute Relationship Designer

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Top New Features

  • Use Policy-based Management to help enforce security polices for data services across the enterprise.

  • Encrypt data without modifying applications, using Transparent Data Encryption.

  • Employ enterprise-wide encryption solutions with Extensible Key Management and Hardware Security Modules.

  • Audit all actions with the new Audit object.


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