Translator Web Widget


  • SSL

    • Yes

  • Hub Customization

    • Yes

  • IT Controlled

  • On Premise

    • Yes

The Widget allows you to bring real-time, in-place translation to your website. Built on the Microsoft Translator API, the free Widget is a highly customizable and powerful translation tool you can place on your webpage, instantly making the page available in any of the supported languages. You enable the Widget by pasting a predefined snippet of JavaScript code into your page.

Webmasters, developers, bloggers, or anyone with a webpage can add the Widget to expand their audience reach. You don’t have to write new code to leverage the Widget. By pasting a small snippet of JavaScript into your page, you will be able to display the Widget to your audience. No need to know programming intricacies, or how to call an API. No need to write or install server side plug-ins for your specific software. just copy and paste to enable visitors to translate. The Widget can be used on multiple platforms; it works on any site supporting JavaScript, including SharePoint sites (e.g., team sites, wikis, etc.).

The Widget also fully supports prepublishing customized translation, using the Translator Hub, as well as postpublishing, community-driven improvement with the Collaborative Translation Framework (CTF).

Try the Widget

Test the Widget on our blog by selecting the “Translate” button in the upper right corner of the page.

Enabling CTF with the Web Widget

Translations are completely free. You’ll only need to sign up for a subscription on the Azure Marketplace if you enable the CTF features of the Widget. By enabling the Collaborative Translation Framework (CTF), webmasters can harness the power of their user community to improve translations over time. Step-by-step instructions on enabling CTF in the Widget can be found here.

Customize the Widget

Advanced users can take advantage of the customization capabilities to modify the look and feel of the Widget's launching button to best complement a website. To go beyond the basic customization features offered, you can build your own launching button or menu by following these MSDN instructions.

Use the Widget with your blog

Using the Widget with with Blogger, Tumblr or the Translator widget, visitors can translate your blog into any of the supported languages in one click, without leaving the page, once this light-weight, cross-browser plug-in is installed.