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Developing fonts

Developing fonts: Articles


Windows glyph processing
An overview and explication of advanced Windows text rendering, including the OpenType font format, the Windows Unicode Script Processor (Uniscribe), and the OpenType Layout Services library (OTLS).

Character design standards
This article provides general rules for character shapes in Latin-based languages in digital fonts.

Introduction to TrueType Hinting
This article explains the basics of hinting and why it is necessary.

Hinting philosophies and TrueType instructions
In this tutorial, Vincent Connare discusses the TrueType hinting process in a general, high-level manner, and then converts that high-level description into actual TrueType code.

Italic Hinting Examples
In this article, Beat Stamm discusses the secrets to hinting italic glyphs.

VOLT and InDesign
This guide was originally written by Microsoft Typography summer intern Andy Crewdson and originally published on 16 August 2000. Subsequent updates have been made by the Microsoft Typography team.

Making TrueType bitmap fonts
This document outlines the steps required to make a TrueType font that only includes bitmap data.

Recommendations for TrueType Outlines of Cursive Script Typefaces

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