WGL4 character set U+0020 to U+00BB

  Unicode PostScript Name Descriptive Name       MacChar MacIndex
    .notdef           0
              0x0 1
              0xd 2
  U+0020 space space       0x20 3
  U+0021 exclam exclamation mark       0x21 4
  U+0022 quotedbl quotation mark       0x22 5
  U+0023 numbersign number sign       0x23 6
  U+0024 dollar dollar sign       0x24 7
  U+0025 percent percent sign       0x25 8
  U+0026 ampersand ampersand       0x26 9
  U+0027 quotesingle apostrophe       0x27 10
  U+0028 parenleft left parenthesis       0x28 11
  U+0029 parenright right parenthesis       0x29 12
  U+002a asterisk asterisk       0x2a 13
  U+002b plus plus sign       0x2b 14
  U+002c comma comma       0x2c 15
  U+002d hyphen hyphen-minus       0x2d 16
  U+002e period period       0x2e 17
  U+002f slash slash       0x2f 18
  U+0030 zero digit zero       0x30 19
  U+0031 one digit one       0x31 20
  U+0032 two digit two       0x32 21
  U+0033 three digit three       0x33 22
  U+0034 four digit four       0x34 23
  U+0035 five digit five       0x35 24
  U+0036 six digit six       0x36 25
  U+0037 seven digit seven       0x37 26
  U+0038 eight digit eight       0x38 27
  U+0039 nine digit nine       0x39 28
  U+003a colon colon       0x3a 29
  U+003b semicolon semicolon       0x3b 30
  U+003c less less-than sign       0x3c 31
  U+003d equal equals sign       0x3d 32
  U+003e greater greater-than sign       0x3e 33
  U+003f question question mark       0x3f 34
  U+0040 at commercial at       0x40 35
  U+0041 A latin capital letter a       0x41 36
  U+0042 B latin capital letter b       0x42 37
  U+0043 C latin capital letter c       0x43 38
  U+0044 D latin capital letter d       0x44 39
  U+0045 E latin capital letter e       0x45 40
  U+0046 F latin capital letter f       0x46 41
  U+0047 G latin capital letter g       0x47 42
  U+0048 H latin capital letter h       0x48 43
  U+0049 I latin capital letter i       0x49 44
  U+004a J latin capital letter j       0x4a 45
  U+004b K latin capital letter k       0x4b 46
  U+004c L latin capital letter l       0x4c 47
  U+004d M latin capital letter m       0x4d 48
  U+004e N latin capital letter n       0x4e 49
  U+004f O latin capital letter o       0x4f 50
  U+0050 P latin capital letter p       0x50 51
  U+0051 Q latin capital letter q       0x51 52
  U+0052 R latin capital letter r       0x52 53
  U+0053 S latin capital letter s       0x53 54
  U+0054 T latin capital letter t       0x54 55
  U+0055 U latin capital letter u       0x55 56
  U+0056 V latin capital letter v       0x56 57
  U+0057 W latin capital letter w       0x57 58
  U+0058 X latin capital letter x       0x58 59
  U+0059 Y latin capital letter y       0x59 60
  U+005a Z latin capital letter z       0x5a 61
  U+005b bracketleft left square bracket       0x5b 62
  U+005c backslash backslash       0x5c 63
  U+005d bracketright right square bracket       0x5d 64
  U+005e asciicircum circumflex accent       0x5e 65
  U+005f underscore underline       0x5f 66
  U+0060 grave grave accent       0x60 67
  U+0061 a latin small letter a       0x61 68
  U+0062 b latin small letter b       0x62 69
  U+0063 c latin small letter c       0x63 70
  U+0064 d latin small letter d       0x64 71
  U+0065 e latin small letter e       0x65 72
  U+0066 f latin small letter f       0x66 73
  U+0067 g latin small letter g       0x67 74
  U+0068 h latin small letter h       0x68 75
  U+0069 i latin small letter i       0x69 76
  U+006a j latin small letter j       0x6a 77
  U+006b k latin small letter k       0x6b 78
  U+006c l latin small letter l       0x6c 79
  U+006d m latin small letter m       0x6d 80
  U+006e n latin small letter n       0x6e 81
  U+006f o latin small letter o       0x6f 82
  U+0070 p latin small letter p       0x70 83
  U+0071 q latin small letter q       0x71 84
  U+0072 r latin small letter r       0x72 85
  U+0073 s latin small letter s       0x73 86
  U+0074 t latin small letter t       0x74 87
  U+0075 u latin small letter u       0x75 88
  U+0076 v latin small letter v       0x76 89
  U+0077 w latin small letter w       0x77 90
  U+0078 x latin small letter x       0x78 91
  U+0079 y latin small letter y       0x79 92
  U+007a z latin small letter z       0x7a 93
  U+007b braceleft left curly bracket       0x7b 94
  U+007c bar vertical line       0x7c 95
  U+007d braceright right curly bracket       0x7d 96
  U+007e asciitilde tilde       0x7e 97
  U+00a0 space* no-break space       0xca 172
  U+00a1 exclamdown inverted exclamation mark       0xc1 163
  U+00a2 cent cent sign       0xa2 132
  U+00a3 sterling pound sign       0xa3 133
  U+00a4 currency currency sign       0xdb 189
  U+00a5 yen yen sign       0xb4 150
  U+00a6 brokenbar broken bar         232
  U+00a7 section section sign       0xa4 134
  U+00a8 dieresis diaeresis       0xac 142
  U+00a9 copyright copyright sign       0xa9 139
  U+00aa ordfeminine feminine ordinal indicator       0xbb 157
  U+00ab guillemotleft left guillemet       0xc7 169
  U+00ac logicalnot not sign       0xc2 164
  U+00ad hyphen* soft hyphen          
  U+00ae registered registered trade mark sign       0xa8 138
  U+00af macron macron, overline       0xf8 218
  U+00b0 degree degree sign       0xa1 131
  U+00b1 plusminus plus-minus sign       0xb1 147
  U+00b2 twosuperior superscript two         242
  U+00b3 threesuperior superscript three         243
  U+00b4 acute acute accent       0xab 141
  U+00b5 mu micro sign       0xb5 151
  U+00b6 paragraph paragraph sign       0xa6 136
  U+00b7 periodcentered middle dot, kana conjoctive          
  U+00b8 cedilla cedilla       0xfc 222
  U+00b9 onesuperior superscript one         241
  U+00ba ordmasculine masculine ordinal indicator       0xbc 158
  U+00bb guillemotright right guillemet       0xc8 170

* This glyph name is also used for another Unicode value listed in this document. If a separate design for this glyph is desired, it may be given a uni<CODE> glyph name, where <CODE> is a 4-digit uppercase hexadecimal number that indicates the Unicode value.

For example, if different designs are desired for MICRO SIGN (U+00B5) and GREEK SMALL LETTER MU (U+03BC), then glyph “mu” should be designed as MICRO SIGN and glyph “uni03BC” should be designed as GREEK SMALL LETTER MU.

Refer to the Adobe document 'Unicode and Glyph Names' for more details.

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