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OpenType development (5 of 5):

Tools available for building OpenType fonts supporting Arabic fonts are the same used for the creation of all OpenType Layout fonts. Click through the links for download or availability information.

ADDTABLE - A tool for adding tables to existing fonts. The tool properly updates offset entries and checksum values.

TTOASM and TTODASM - Assembler/disassembler of OpenType Layout tables. These tools create binary table files that can then be added to an existing font using the ADDTABLE tool.

VOLT Visual OpenType Layout Tool (VOLT) - This tool is used to visually specify ligatures, other glyph substitution operations, and glyph positioning operations. The tool automatically builds the source files required for the TTOASM assembler.

VTT Visual TrueType (VTT) - This tool is used for hinting OpenType fonts, and also includes the TTOASM tool.

SIGNCODE (OpenType Font Signing Tool) - This tool is used to add a digital signature to OpenType fonts, indicating the publisher and "sealing" the bits of the font.

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Last updated 21 December 2001.

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