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Developing fonts

Specifications: overview


OpenType Specification v.1.6
This specification details the format of OpenType fonts, TrueType and CFF outline formats, and the TrueType hinting language. Click here to see other versions.

OpenType Font Development
This 5-part document describes the technical underpinings for the OpenType font developer, including the layout model and related services, font format, shaping engines, encoding, client support and available tools.

Font Delivery Specification
The purpose of this document is to define the Microsoft Typography requirements and expectations of all deliverables.

Hinting and Production Guidelines
This document defines the technical requirements for fonts produced for Microsoft by external type developers. We have posted them here for the general benefit of all type developers.

TrueType Specification
The TrueType 1.66 specification is provided here in Word format for historical purposes.

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Script-specific Development
These documents tell you how to create and support OpenType fonts for specific scripts.


TrueType Open Specification
The TrueType Open specification is provided here in Word format for historical purposes.

  • chapter 1 - welcome to TrueType Open [0.07Mb Word]
  • chapter 2 - common table formats [0.14Mb Word]
  • chapter 3 - glyph substitution table (GSUB) [0.15Mb Word]
  • chapter 4 - glyph positioning table (GPOS) [0.3Mb Word]
  • chapter 5 - baseline table (BASE) [0.14Mb Word]
  • chapter 6 - justification table (JSTF) [0.1Mb Word]
  • chapter 7 - glyph definition table (GDEF) [0.1Mb Word]
  • chapter 8 - TrueType Open tag registry [HTML]
  • chapter 8 - TrueType Open tag registry [0.04Mb Word]
  • index [0.03Mb Word]

Last updated 19 February 2014.

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