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VOLT Release Notes - Proofing tool

The Proofing Tool is often used to test fonts with small runs of text. To do that, do the following:

  1. Screen grab of Proofing tool button Open the Proofing Tool and select the Script and Language system you would like to test. Selecting the language system will populate the feature list.

  2. Select a writing direction (text flow).

  3. Create a glyph run by either entering glyph names into the long text box above the feature list, or by clicking on the picture below it and entering glyphs through keystroke. Each keystroke will be translated into a glyph using the current Unicode entries, and the resulting glyph name will be added to the names in the run.

    No features applied in proofing tool
    No features applied [reproduced at 50%]
  4. Select features by highlighting some or all glyph names and checking the corresponding feature boxes. On the right is the list of lookups enabled by these features. You can cursor back and forth in the list of glyph names and see the features change as you go from one glyph to another. If you simply need to apply certain feature(s) to the whole run, highlight everything in the glyph name list and then select the features you need.

    Features selected to apply to lookups
    Selecting features to apply [reproduced at 50%]
  5. Use the 'next glyph' and 'next lookup' buttons to apply your selections and see how the OpenType engine processes your string. 'Restart' brings you to the beginning of the processing and 'Complete' shows you the final result.

    Result of applying selected features.
    Result of applying selected features [reproduced at 50%]

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Last updated 13 April 2000.

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