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Microsoft Typography | CSS Gallery

CSS Gallery

The gallery pages have been designed for display in the release version of Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.01 (4.70.1155) on Windows 95 or Windows NT. However some work with other browsers that support CSS. Be sure to install all of the free Microsoft Web fonts before viewing these demos.

These are artistic pages showing how some style sheet properties work in IE3. It is possible to use these effects and still make your pages work in non CSS browsers. However, for the purpose of these demos this additional markup has been removed so that you can use IE's 'view source' option to work out how the CSS code works.

Most of these demos were posted during the summer of 1996. Since then support for CSS properties has improved. Although many of the techniques and workarounds used in these demos are unnecessary thanks to improved CSS support in Internet Explorer 4.0, we're continuing to keep them available for historic interest only. If you have Internet Explorer 4.0 be sure to check out our new demos that show font embedding in action.

Section four, Anything and then some. Be sure to check out the new pages we regularly add. This section is a bitmap free zone and works well at 640 × 480. If you would like to donate unformatted content or complete CSS enhanced pages to this section please get in touch.

Section three, Typespotting. Your field guide to Microsoft's free fonts for the Web. Each page showcases a different font. Unlike sections one and two, this section uses bitmap graphics to complement CSS enhanced live text.

Section two, Same Content - Different Style. These pages show how the same content can be presented in different ways just by changing the style sheet. The BODY of each HTML page is exactly the same, only the STYLE section in the HEAD of the HTML file changes for each example.

Section one, Do anything with CSS, was officially opened on 16 July 1996. This section includes pages designed to show just what's possible in Web layout without resorting to graphics. The most complicated page is only 6KB in size.

CSS Info. Once you've seen the demos you'll probably want to start experimenting with CSS yourself. These page provides useful information, links to tutorials, example sites and other resources.
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Microsoft Typography | CSS Gallery