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The following sites are good place to search for breaking news concerning CSS; Webmonkey, iWorld Browser Watch, Web Week, PC Week Online and InfoWorld.

Recent articles

Deliver Us from Tables. By Simson Garfinkel, HotWired Packet, April 1997.

New protocol eases Web gridlock. By Alan Boyle, MSNBC, February 1997.

New HTML extensions promise richer pages. By Timothy Dyck, PC Week Online, 18 December 1996.

The Evolution of Style Sheets. By Alan Taylor,, 6 December 1996.

Type standards are improving. By Nico Macdonald, Eye, vol.6, No.23 winter 1996.

Look Ma! 15 Fonts!. By Kristin Windbigler, Webmonkey, 20 November 1996.

Where Are All the GIFs?. By Luke Knowland, Webmonkey, 19 November 1996.

Lets Clear Up CSS, JSSS & HTML-OM. By Dave Garaffa, iWorld Browser Watch, 13 November 1996.

Between the style sheets - Typographic control comes to the Web. By Jennifer Jensen, Web Review, 8 November 1996.

Small-shop designers go full steam ahead. By Whit Andrews, Web Week, 7 October 1996 (Vol. 2, Issue 15).

Real formatting in HTML using Cascading Style Sheets. By Bryan McCormick, Microsoft Interactive Developer, October 1996 (Vol. 1, Issue 4).

Cascading Style Sheets put new style into HTML. By Jeff Frentzen, PC Week Online, 9 September 1996.

Attractive Web style in an instant. By Jim Hamerly, Network World Fusion, August 1996.

Leading and Margins and Fonts! Oh, Boy!. By Patrick Corcoran, Webmonkey, 20 August 1996.

The Web ... with Style. By Jeffrey Veen (HotWired's interface director), Webmonkey, 11 August 1996.

Netscape and Microsoft At Odds Over Style Sheets. By Whit Andrews, Web Week, 22 July 1996 (Vol. 2, Issue 10).

Netscape sets timetable for launch of Navigator 4.0 browser. By Joane Taaffe, InfoWorld, 8 May 1996.

Information Presentation: Cascading Style Sheets. By Chris Lilley, WebSmith, May/June 1996 (Vol. 1, Issue 3). Chris has also posted a styled version on his own site.

Style Sheets will preserve basic HTML for all browsers. By Marc Ferranti, InfoWorld, 22 April 1996 (Vol. 18, Issue 17).

Common HTML style sheet standard gains key endorsement. By Marc Ferranti, InfoWorld, 11 April 1996.

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