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CSS Support

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Tools, browsers and utilities

W3C Cascading Style Sheets resource page. This page includes a list of products that support CSS.

Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows 95, Windows NT and the Apple Macintosh supports most of the important CSS properties.

Adobe have added CSS support to their HoTaMaLe utility used to publish FrameMaker documents on the Web.

Control Freak is a css authoring plug-in for Microsoft Word 97 providing WYSIWYG authoring for margins, first-line indents, leading, font selection, and precise placement and Z-ordering of both text and image elements.

DigitalStyle have added CSS support to their WebSuite application.

SoftQuad promise to add support for CSS to their popular HoTMetaL range of Web authoring applications. HoTMetaL Intranet Publisher (HiP) supports the standard, and HotMetal Pro will include support later.

The Developer Edition of QuickSite by DeltaPoint, which shipped in October, is the first product of its kind to provide support for CSS. A review, QuickSite Version 2.0 opens up APIs by Herb Bethoney, appears in PC Week Online, 6 November 1996.

Sausage Software, list style sheets as the 'killer feature' designers have been craving for. Style sheet support is to be included in version 3 of their HotDog Professional HTML editor.

HomeSite by Nick Bradbury lets you take advantage of CSS. HomeSite enables you to define and save your own styles, and even shows you a preview of each style's appearance.

The Swedish, source-code oriented HTML editor JoyHTML inlcudes CSS support.

The DynaBase Web Management System by Inso Providence Corp combines sophisticated content management capabilities with a powerful development environment. DynaBase provides an open framework for the management and use of style sheets.

Version 4 of the Netscape browser supports some CSS features.

If you know of authoring tools that support CSS please let us know so that we can add their details to this section.

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Microsoft Typography | CSS Gallery | CSS Support