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CSS Sites

These links point to servers that are not under the control of Microsoft Corporation. Please read our disclaimer before continuing.

Demonstration sites

The following sites use CSS: Chris Pirillo's bookmarks page, Anita's Book of Days, Pauly's Internet_Buffet, Education X, Daniel Greene, UW Medicinal Herb Garden Home Page, Axolotl and Misfits Page, Virtually Boston, Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at The University of Reading, Web Studio Project (in Japanese), Marketing Solutions, City Gallery, G and S Services, How Dey Do Dat, City Gallery, Pacific Blue Micro, Rock On,, Alertbox, Intertect, Paigens Place, Internet Nexus, Free Range Media, c|net News.Com, ActiveX Journal, PickEd, FSU Geology, US Geological Survey, The Penal Lexicon, Notscape, Games Domain, Rock Page by Gordon, Balliver's Travels, SCS, ActiveX Journal, The Richmond Review and Mike Enright on the Web.

If you have created or adapted a site using CSS please let us know.

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Microsoft Typography | CSS Gallery | CSS Sites