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The Specification - Cascading Style Sheets level 1

"This document is a W3C Recommendation. It has been reviewed by W3C members and general consensus that the specification is appropriate for use has been reached. W3C promotes widespread deployment of this Recommendation."

The specification is easy to follow, however, a knowledge of HTML, and a familiarity with basic desktop publishing terminology is required. The latest version is dated 17 December 1996

W3C information - Web style sheets resource page

This page contains pointers to information about style sheets on the Web as well as the style sheet activities of the W3C. Information about the W3C CSS mailing list and its archive can be found on the W3C mailing list page. It is important to note that CSS is not the only style sheet mechanism supported by the W3C. Please see our other Web style sheet proposals page that deals with these proposals.

W3C people

The W3C people who are involved in CSS have their own home pages; Håkon Lie, Bert Bos and Chris Lilley.

Related activities

Printing: A new W3C Working Draft, CSS Printing Extensions, has been released for review. The specification describes a set of CSS extensions to better support printing from the Web.

Layout: A new W3C Working Draft is available: Positioning HTML Elements with Cascading Style Sheets. Using functionality described in this document, you can position HTML elements along the x, y and z axes.

Internationalization & localization: The W3C have a section dealing with non-western character sets, languages, and writing systems.

Fonts: Unfortunately the W3C fonts page hasn't been updated since 6 March 1996.

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