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Keep sweet!

Do not let the milk of human kindness in your heart turn to bonny-clabber. If you do anything that is worth while, or if you are anybody, you will surely be assailed. That is your opportunity – keep sweet. If you are reviled, do not imitate your reviler and revile back; explanations never explain and vindications never vindicate. Your life must justify yourself. Keep sweet!

Everything is being attacked; and oxygen is the thing that is waging relentless war on things. Oxygen gives life, and takes it. Oxygen disintegrates all vegetation, iron, even the rocks – all excepting rock crystals. Glass and porcelain are a species of crystal, made by artificial process – time does not affect glass and porcelain – these things absorb no poisons – are antiseptic and can be easily cleaned.


The word was first used by Fourier, and means literally “the home of friends”. The Roycraft Phalanstery with its new addition, just completed, consists of a kitchen, scientific and modern in all of its appointments; a dining room that seats a hundred people; thirty-eight sleeping rooms; reception rooms etc., etc. That is to say that it is an INN, managed somewhat like a Swiss Monastery, simple, yet complete in all its appointments – where the traveler is made welcome. There are always a few visitors with us. Some remain simply for a meal, others stay a day, or a week, or a month. A few avail themselves of the services of our Musical Director, the Physical Instructor, or take lessons in drawing and painting.

The prices: meals, such as they are, say twenty-five cents; lodging, fifty cents. If parties of a dozen or more want accommodations, it is well to telegraph ahead to: The Bursar of The Roycrofters, East Aurora, New York.

Experimented on himself

A physician of Galion, O. says: “for the last few years I have been a sufferer from indigestion and although I have used various remedies and prepared foods with some benefit it was not until I tried Grape-Nuts that I was completely cured.

“As a food it is pleasant and agreeable, very nutritious and is digested and assimilated with very little effort on the part of the digestive organs. As a nerve food and restorer it has no equal and as such is especially adapted to students and other brain workers. It contains the elements necessary for the building of nerve tissue and by so doing maintains an equilibrium of waste and repair.

“It also enriches the blood by giving an increased number of red blood corpuscles and in this way strengthens all the organs, providing a vital fluid made more nearly perfect. I take great pleasure in recommending its use to my patients for I value it as a food and know it will benefit all who use it.”

Excerpts from advertisements in Elbert Hubbard’s Little Journeys to the Homes of Eminent Orators: William Pitt. Volume XII, number 6 (1903). The Roycrofters.


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