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Typography Home Typography Home

Microsoft's Typography group researches and develops fonts and font technologies, and supports the development of TrueType and OpenType formatted fonts by independent type vendors.

Site sections

About fonts
This section includes articles on hinting, font smoothing, font availability, an FAQ, ClearType and more.

Links, news & contacts
Featuring daily typography news headlines and a database of over 700 type and typography related sites on the Web.

Developing fonts
The developer section includes articles, specifications and tools for those making fonts and the applications that use them.

Tools and utilities
Free utilities include the Font properties extension and our Web Embedding Fonts Tool.

Site highlights

Tune your ClearType settings
ClearType Tuner Windows users can use our updated ClearType Web interface or downloadable PowerToy Tuner to activate ClearType and tune your ClearType settings.

Fonts for Windows
Learn more about Windows fonts

Find Fonts
Discover what fonts are included with various Microsoft products

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