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OpenType Layout Services Library

This page is for historical reference only. OTLS is no longer available. Much of the OTLS functionality is provided by Uniscribe, documented on MSDN.

The OpenType Layout (OTL) Services Library is a set of text-processing helper functions. These functions serve a client by accessing font information and guiding the operating system in rendering text. By doing so, the services simplify the job of text processing by insulating the client from the details of the font file format and, as much as possible, from the details of the platform.

These services are designed for use with OpenType fonts and allow clients to work at the level of features and characters, with which clients are traditionally not familiar. They handle the details of lookup tables and glyph ID's, with which clients are not familiar.

The OTL Services can be used as a set of shareable functions (as a DLL), which sit between the client above and the operating system below. The client works with the operating system to provide access to memory resources, the font file, and the rendering device.

The design goals of the OpenType Layout Services Library are to expose the full functionality of OpenType fonts; be platform independent, but pay particular attention to supporting Windows; don't take over, but provide helper functions for text processing. The version currently available, provides this support for the range: Windows 95 - Windows 2000.

The OpenType Layout Services Library is available now. If you are interested in licensing the library please contact us.

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Microsoft Typography | Developer | OpenType Layout Services Library