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Introduction | Uniscribe APIs


The Uniscribe processor, USP10.DLL, ships with Windows 2000 and with Internet Explorer 5.0+, which is the current update mechanism. Uniscribe is not available under license to other vendors, but any application and font needing complex script shaping in Windows can make use of it.

  • Introduction
    An an article, originally written for Microsoft Systems Journal, entitled Supporting multilanguage text layout and complex scripts with Windows 2000. By F. Avery Bishop, David C. Brown, David M. Meltzer

  • Uniscribe API's
    Uniscribe provides a large set of APIs to handle all aspects of text layout for supported scripts, including cursor position and hit testing, advance width calculation, linebreaking, complex script determination, localized digit substitution, etc.. Reviewing the Uniscribe APIs will provide some idea of the scope of the processor's functions.

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Introduction | Uniscribe API's
Microsoft Typography | Developer | Uniscribe