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Getting started

Getting VOLT

Visit the VOLT community Web site and apply to join. VOLT downloads as well as notes and VOLT related discussions are hosted on this community site.

Installing VOLT

During VOLT's installation you will be presented with the tool's EULA (end user license agreement). You'll need to click the 'Yes' button to accept the terms of the license and install the tool.

VOLT end user license agreement - VOLT EULA

Getting started

To start VOLT 1.1 click 'Start', 'Programs', 'Microsoft VOLT', 'Microsoft VOLT'.

Start - Programs - Microsoft VOLT...

file open button After VOLT has started, load a TrueType font file into the tool by using the 'Open' button on the tool bar or selecting 'Open' from the 'File' menu.

recent files With VOLT version 1.1 we added a 'recent files' list to the file menu and added a command line parameter that can be used to automatically open a font file. To use the command line parameter type 'volt.exe fontname.ttf' at the command prompt.

With VOLT 1.1 we changed the way the tool handles 'read-only' files. When you ask VOLT to open a read-only VOLT will present you with a warning message.


VOLT will not let you overwrite a read-only file.

VOLT lets you open font files directly from a system's font folder, however as these fonts are installed and in-use by Windows we recommend that production font files are stored and accessed from a neutral location.

VOLT erases all OpenType Layout (OTL) tables (GDEF, GSUB or GPOS) present in the font. You cannot start an OpenType Layout project in OTL assembly and continue it in VOLT. It has to be done entirely in VOLT. If VOLT detects OpenType Layout tables within a font file the following warning message will be displayed.


VOLT strips existing OpenType tables from fonts loaded into it.

VOLT saves its data into a temporary table inside the TTF. This table is removed when the font is 'shipped'. The warning message only appears when you open a font in VOLT for the first time. It is to warn you that you cannot switch freely between VOLT and raw OT assembly. VOLT keeps more data around (to make its interface more user-friendly), so the translation to OT assembly is not reversible. As long as other tools preserve this table, there should not be a problem to open/save the same font in different tools.

The current version of VOLT only supports fonts containing TrueType font outlines. VOLT cannot display fonts containing CFF PostScript outlines.

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