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Fonts supplied with Adobe Creative Suite 4.0

Adobe Caslon Pro Bold

Adobe Caslon Pro Bold Italic

Adobe Caslon Pro Italic

Adobe Caslon Pro Regular

Adobe Caslon Pro Semibold

Adobe Caslon Pro Semibold Italic

Adobe Garamond Pro Bold

Adobe Garamond Pro Bold Italic

Adobe Garamond Pro Italic

Adobe Garamond Pro Regular

Bell Gothic Std Black

Bell Gothic Std Bold

Birch Std

Blackoak Std

Brush Script Std Medium

Chaparral Pro Bold

Chaparral Pro Bold Italic

Chaparral Pro Italic

Chaparral Pro Regular

Charlemagne Std Bold

Cooper Std Black Italic

Cooper Std Black

Eccentric Std

Giddyup Std

Hobo Std Medium

Kozuka Gothic Pr6N B

Kozuka Gothic Pr6N EL

Kozuka Gothic Pr6N H

Kozuka Gothic Pr6N L

Kozuka Gothic Pr6N M

Kozuka Gothic Pr6N R

Kozuka Mincho Pro B

Kozuka Mincho Pro EL

Kozuka Mincho Pro H

Kozuka Mincho Pro L

Kozuka Mincho Pro M

Kozuka Mincho Pro R

Letter Gothic Std Bold

Letter Gothic Std Bold Slanted

Letter Gothic Std Slanted

Letter Gothic Std Medium

Lithos Pro Black

Lithos Pro Regular

Mesquite Std Medium

Minion Pro Bold

Minion Pro Bold Cond

Minion Pro Bold Cond Italic

Minion Pro Bold Italic

Minion Pro Italic

Minion Pro Medium

Minion Pro Medium Italic

Minion Pro Regular

Minion Pro Semibold

Minion Pro Semibold Italic

Myriad Pro Bold

Myriad Pro Bold Condensed

Myriad Pro Bold Condensed Italic

Myriad Pro Bold Italic

Myriad Pro Condensed

Myriad Pro Condensed Italic

Myriad Pro Italic

Myriad Pro Regular

Myriad Pro Semibold

Myriad Pro Semibold Italic

Nueva Std Bold Condensed

Nueva Std Bold Condensed Italic

Nueva Std Condensed

Nueva Std Condensed Italic


Orator Std Slanted

Orator Std Medium

Poplar Std Black

Prestige Elite Std Bold

Rosewood Std Regular

Stencil Std Bold

Tekton Pro Bold

Tekton Pro Bold Condensed

Tekton Pro Bold Extended

Tekton Pro Bold Oblique

Trajan Pro Bold

Trajan Pro Regular

Adobe Heiti Std R

Adobe Ming Std L

Adobe Myungjo Std M

Adobe Song Std L

Adobe Kaiti Std R

Adobe Fangsong Std R

These links will take you from the Microsoft web site to a Monotype web site. Monotype can provide many common Microsoft supplied fonts under license from Microsoft or under license from other font vendors.

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