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OpenType Jamboree

About the event

OpenType Font Jamborees were held in October of 1997 in Redmond, Washington and in April of 1998 in Tokyo, Japan. Microsoft and Adobe covered details for producing high-quality OpenType fonts, as well as application and system support for OpenType fonts, font embedding, authentication, licensing, and other related topics. Presentations were given by members of the typography, systems, and applications groups from Microsoft and Adobe, as well as several ISV's. Over 200 people attended the events.


We have posted bulleted lists used in the presentations made during the conferences.


a tz ligature from Palatino
Figure 1. A 'tz' ligature from the OpenType version of Hermann Zapf's Palatino.

The Devanagri DBHA ligature
Figure 2. The Devanagri DBHA ligature.

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