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The Ascender 2010 Font Pack is a value-priced collection of fonts and templates that showcases the new OpenType features in Microsoft Office 2010.


Each of the wonderful fonts in this package shines with advanced typographic features to make your documents stand out with professional-looking text effects. The fonts include new, enhanced versions of Comic Sans, Impact and Trebuchet, and delightful script & display fonts from the type designers at Ascender.

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Typographic Horizons
Birmingham City University, UK, November 18, 2009
Speakers and exhibitors for this one-day event are announced: Yomar Augusto, John D Berry, Henrik Birkvig, Eugenie Dodds, Will Hill, Marcus Leis Allion, Geraldine Marshall, Barry McKay, John Rooney, Ben Waddington and the Baskerville Project.

TypeCon 2010
Los Angeles, CA 17-22 August 2010
The Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA) has announced that TypeCon2010 will be held in Los Angeles, California.

ATypI 2010
Dublin, Ireland. September 2010
ATypI will be held in Dublin in 2010. Stay tuned for more details.

More events.  

In printIn print
Print isn't dead yet...        

Tipoitalia Tipoitalia is a bilingual magazine with a focus on lettering, book arts, type history, and Italian digital typography. They've just released their second issue.   

EyeEye Magazine’s 2009 “Type special” includes special articles on Type and Typography.


How How's annual typography issue includes special features all about typography, including 18 Cures For the Common Font and New Fonts Your Clients Will Love (and You Will Too).   

Typo Magazine 31
Typo 31 Typo 31, dedicated to Korean graphic design and typography, is the first edition of this highly regarded Czech publication to feature a new size, exclusive paper and expanded number of pages.

News Typography headlines [RSS]
Typography news archive [RSS]

IE web font update
Redmond, WA - 29 August 2013
Learn more about recent update to IE regarding web fonts. More details...

FontCreator 7.5 supports color fonts
Web - 2 August 2013
Font Creator 7.5 has been released and supports Microsoft's new color font format. More details...

Color font support in Windows 8.1
Redmond, WA - 26 June 2013
On June 26, 2013, Microsoft announced support for a new color font format at their BUILD conference. More details...

AT Somaskript
Web - 2 November 2012
ArtyType Foundry released a new font by James Marsh. More details...

Connecting Abilities
Web - 16 October 2012
Check out a fun new handwriting font that’s raising money and awareness for social equality.

ATypI update
Hong Kong - 1 August 2012
The ATypI conference program has been posted and registration is now open.

TransType Pro update
Web - 6 July 2012
Fontlab has developed an online version of their font converter software - TransType Pro.
 More details...

Interview With Philip Kelly
Web - 6 July 2012
A short interview with Philip Kelly has been featured on ‘Rock That Font’.

 More details...

New font released
UK - 30 May 2012
Philip Kelly is pleased to announce the release of his new display typeface called ‘Fantail’. More details...

Job opening
Redmond, WA - 5 March 2012
The Advanced Reading Technologies team at Microsoft is hiring. More details...

ATypI call for proposals
Hong Kong - 22 February 2012
ATypI invites proposals for workshops and presentations for its 2012 conference in Hong Kong, China, from 10 to 14 October. More details...

New from P22
Buffalo, NY - 21 February 2012
 P22 type foundry proudly announces P22 Ruffcut, the newest addition to the Sherwood Collection of historical and period-based fonts by Ted Staunton. More details...

News from G-Type
UK - 8 February 2012
G-Type has launched a new website with 25% off all fonts. They've also released a new font, RollerscriptMore details...

Web - 31 January 2012
5th International Type Design Competition for non-Latin typefaces More details...

New Typefoundry launched
The Netherlands - 30 January 2012
Novo Typo - a new typefoundry from The Netherlands has been launched. More details...

Atypi theme announced
Hong Kong - 23 January 2012
The theme of this year’s conference is ‘ 墨 [mò] – between black and white’. More details...

Fontlab Student Pricing
Web - 6 January 2012
Fontlab Ltd. has just announced a new, more affordable, licensing program for students. More details...

Delve Fonts presents Helfa
Alameda, CA - 12 December 2011
Helfa is a typeface that has been thoughtfully planned, lovingly drawn, and carefully crafted by Delve Withrington. More details...

2012 Lettering Tour
Italy - 12 December 2011
You can mix business with pleasure (or pleasure with pleasure) this summer by taking part in the Legacy of Letters tour and workshop in Italy dedicated to enjoying and learning about all manner of letters. More details...

New dates for ATypI 2012
Hong Kong - 28 November 2011
New dates for ATypI Hong Kong: 10–14 October 2012 More details...

2012 Typecon Dates
Milwaukee - 11 November 2011
Typecon 2012 will be held at the InterContinental Hotel in Milwaukee from July 31st–August 5th. More details...

Granshan 2011
Armenia - 11 November 2011
Award winners have been announced. More details...

Atypi dates announced
Hong Kong - 1 November 2011
ATypI's conference in Hong Kong will be 3–7 October 2012. More details...

LETTRES TYPE exhibition
France - 18 October 2011
The exhibition LETTRES TYPE reports on the vitality and diversity of a new French-speaking type scene, by documenting 40 projects from 40 designers, in 3 different ways.
 More details...

Letter.2 winners announced
- 18 October 2011
Atypi has announced 53 winning typeface designs from the Letter.2 international type-design competition. 
 More details...

Additional film screenings in the NW
Pacific NW - 13 October 2011
Rich Kegler's documentary, Making Faces, will be also be showing in Vancouver, Victoria and Portland. More details...

Venue announced for Typecon 2012
Milwaukee, WI - 13 October 2011
The Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA) is pleased to announce that Milwaukee, Wisconsin, will be the host city for TypeCon2012More details...

Atypi announces 2012 venue
Hong Kong - 13 October 2011
ATypI's 2012 conference will be held in Hong Kong. Final dates have not been settled and will be announced as soon as possible. More details...

Film screening in Seattle
Seattle, WA - 11 October 2011
Rich Kegler's documentary, Making Faces, will be shown in Seattle on October 27th. More details...

New releases from ARS Type
The Netherlands - 6 October 2011
ARS Type proudly announces their first official Webfont release — ARS Maquette Web — and a new set of advanced tools to better test their fonts online. More details...

Emigre Fonts PDF Catalogs
Sacramento, CA - 15 September 2011
Emigre's award winning type specimen catalogs are now available for free as downloadable PDF files More details...

Another new font from P22
Buffalo, NY - 12 September 2011
P22 type foundry proudly announces the P22 Mackinac Pro Family, a brand new font family designed by Mike Beens for the International House of Fonts.
 More details...

Tokyo TDC Awards
Tokyo, Japan - 12 September 2011
Tokyo TDC is currently accepting applications to entries to the "Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2012".
 More details...

Berry talks about fonts
Seattle, WA - 29 August 2011
John Berry has posted links to freely downloadable versions of his book, "Dot-font: talking about fonts"   
 More details...

Student Type Exhibit
Antwerp - 29 August 2011
From 10 September until 2 October 2011, Expert class Type design (EcTd) 2010-2011 students of the Plantin Institute for Typography will show their work at the famous Museum Plantin-Moretus in Antwerp. More details...

New from P22
Buffalo, NY - 23 August 2011
P22 and the International House of Fonts announce the release of Lucilee by Michael Clark.
 More details...

Article by Phinney
Web - 18 August 2011
Thomas Phinney recently had an article pubished in Communication Arts magazine titled "How to Explain Why Typography Matters"  More details...

New release by Delve Fonts
Alameda, CA - 16 August 2011
Delve Fonts has just released a new typeface, “Uppercut Angle” by Joachim Müller-Lancé. More details...

Endangered Alphabets
Burlington, VT - 16 August 2011
Tim Brookes has embarked on a project to save endangered alphabets. More details...

WebFonts meeting announced
Reykjavik, Iceland - 8 August 2011
W3C WebFonts Working Group to meet at ATypI in Reykjavík.
 More details...

TinmanPro font family released
Glenview, IL - 14 July 2011
No Bodoni Typography releases the TinmanPro OpenType font family
 More details...

Thanks, Joe Honeyball
Web - 13 July 2011
Thanks for your kind words about the Microsoft Typography team! More details...

Letter.2 extends deadline
Buenos Aires - 22 June 2011
The Letter.2 type design competition has announced that the deadline for its discounted submission rate will be extended by two weeks. More details...

P22 announces new font
Buffalo, NY - 17 June 2011
Announcing P22 Casual Script Pro- a new font designed by Richard Kegler for the International House of Fonts (IHOF) Collection
 More details...

New stuff from Hyphen Press
London - 14 June 2011
Hyphen Press has recently finished two books and a CD. More details...

ATypI Registration Opens
Reykjavík, Iceland - 10 June 2011
Registration has opened for the 2011 ATypI conference in Reykjavík, and the preliminary program has been announced
 More details...

Type Masters Week NYC
New York - 13 May 2011
The Type Directors Club is hosting Type Masters Week in New York City, June 6–10, featuring four one-day workshops with Erik Spiekermann, Cyrus Highsmith, Ale Paul, and Luc(as) de Groot – plus presentation of the TDC Medal to Erik Spiekermann, on June 6. More details...

Shipping Faces
Buffalo, N.Y. - 19 April 2011
DVDs of Richard Kegler's film Making Faces: Metal Type in the 21st Century are now shipping. More details...

TDC Medal to Mike Parker
New York - 13 April 2011
Mike Parker, former Director of Typography at Mergenthaler Linotype and co-founder of Bitstream, was awarded the TDC Medal by the Type Directors Club in New York City on April 6. David Berlow and Cyrus Highsmith did the presentation. More details...

Photo-Lettering rides again
Yorklyn, Delaware - 12 April 2011
House Industries has brought back the experience of ordering headlines from Photo-Lettering, Inc., only without the necessity of sending a messenger down to the shop to pick them up. More details...

vLetter PRO SmartFont™
Hood River, OR - 8 April 2011
vLetter Inc. are happy to announce vLetter PRO Smart Font for rendering personal handwriting. More details... revamps
Berlin - 4 April 2011
FSI FontShop International has launched a new, the online home for the largest library of contemporary type designs.  More details...

Comic Sans Pro!
Woburn, Mass. - 1 April 2011
Today Monotype Imaging unleashes Comic Sans Pro on the world. More details...

The Raster Tragedy
Redmond, WA - 14 March 2011
Beat Stamm has just completed a revised and extended version of his article, the "Raster Tragedy." More details...

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