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News and links related to corporate fonts, the people who make them and the people who pay for them.
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Before deciding on a set of corporate fonts be sure to carefully read the licenses. Restrictions around embedding and commercial use can easily derail your use of the fonts, or add to your costs.

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Recent news and announcements.

Death Star’s days numbered
Design Observer - 27 October 2005
Design Observer reports that the AT&T logo will be replaced following SBC's take over of the company. More details...

conEd logo explained
Business week - 11 August 2005
Business Week article on the conEd logo and its creator Peter Arnell.

Palm goes technofont
Various - 15 July 2005
Various stories including this one cover the Palm re-brand which prominently features a new techno font style said to evoke "digital content" and the color orange said to denote "energy".

OpenType for Corporate ID?
The Netherlands - 11 July 2005
Corpid is Luc(as) de Groots latest custom font project now available as a full-feature OpenType font family. More details...

Apple’s Myriad shift
Daring Fireball - 30 June 2005
With Apple's move to color screens for all top-end iPods one commentator predicts we'll be seeing a lot more of Apple's special UI version of Adobe Myriad. More details...

Fonts in the news
various - 29 June 2005
New Zealand Greens change campaign font following tourist board pressure. Credit Suisse changes logo to be more like DaimlerChrysler. CFO Magazine has been redesigned using Adobe's Warnock typeface.

Forbes on co-branding - 13 June 2005
Forbes weighs in on the issue of co-branding with respect to Apple's decision to use Intel chips in new Mac products.

Publishing round up
Various - 6 June 2005
St Petersburg Times has started using Retina on its financial pages. David Sedaris confesses to being intimidated by the New Yorker typeface. Also a short piece to mark the Volvo brands 90th birthday.

Sun rises on new brand
ovum - 1 June 2005
Short article on the $50,000,000 Sun rebrand - doesn't mention if the new brand will keep the custom font produced by Luc(as) de Groot a few years back. More details...

HP brand based on font scrapbook
AdWeek - 23 May 2005
This short article reveals that HP's global image campaign started life as a "really dopey scrapbook" documenting the history of Futura, the brand's typeface.

Spiderfont recycled
LA, CA. - 17 May 2005
Various articles, including this one note the use of the 'Spiderman font', based on T26's Mata, on the new PS logo. Mata is also associated with another console.

Licensed public hack
New York, NY. - 25 April 2005
The New Yorker reports that New York's taxi 'medallion' is getting a typographic work-over.

Redesigns and random reports
Various - 15 April 2005
Mexico gets rebranded, Edinburgh Evening News gets redesigned (pics), Martha Stewart's typography gets awarded and political posters get typographically vandalized in Reading.

Auto typography and branding
AutoWeek - 11 April 2005
AutoWeek column on autotypography.

Branding and brand typography
Houston Chronicle - 10 April 2005
Columnist William Safire exposes brands and branding.

Beyoncé's font
France - 8 April 2005
If you're rich, gorgeous, famous and talented what do you spend your money on? Your own font of course. More details...

Corporate fonts
Copenhagen, DK - 13 March 2005
Henrik Birkvig is organizing a one day conference on corporate fonts for May 12 in Copenhagen. More details...

Miles ahead
London, Engalnd - 29 November 2004
London based typographer Miles Newlyn has just launched a new website profiling his type design for various corporate branding projects, as well as his typefaces distributed by Veer and EmigreMore details...

Barclays banks new brand font
Wilmington & Salfords - 3 August 2004
Agfa Monotype Ltd. has completed the design and production of the new Expert Sans typeface family for Barclays, one of the largest financial services groups in the UK. More details...

The face of German government
Germany - 15 March 2004
Linotype Library is the licenser of the German government’s new corporate design typefaces Neue Demos (Antiqua) and Neue Praxis (sans-serif) by Dutch designer Gerard Unger. More details...

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