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OpenType for Indic fonts

Redmond, WA. - 6 December 1999
Microsoft has posted a specification for creating and supporting OpenType fonts for Indic scripts. OpenType Program Manager, Apurva Joshi, posted this announcement to the OpenType list.
OpenType enthusiasts,

Specifications for creating and supporting OpenType fonts for Indic scripts have been added to our site. We hope it will be a helpful source for font developers to:

  • Learn how to encode complex script features in their fonts
  • Choose character sets, organize font information and
  • Use existing tools to produce Indic fonts.

Registered features of Indic scripts have been defined and illustrated in this specification. Also, we hope to provide the download of the MANGAL font soon. This font illustrates just one of the different ways in which OpenType layout tables can be built for the Hindi language, which uses the Devanagari script. MANGAL has been designed with simple construction, for use as a sans serif UI font.

Please find the specification here

We look forward to hearing your observations / feedback on the above.

-Apurva Joshi

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article posted 7 December 1999 and last updated 7 December 1999.

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