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Font Aid font released

Sweden - 13 January 2000
Claes Källarsson asked 26 type designers to contribute to a Font Aid font, with proceeds going to UNICEF.

font aid homepage

The reason you are getting this email is simple. I want you to know about a project i have been working with since last summer called Font Aid. the idea was simple, let 26 different type designers design their own letterpair and put it into a font. now the font is finished and Font Aid has launched. The font is sold at for 10$ and the money earned from sales will be sent to the UNICEF fund where it hopefully help those not as fortunate as others, i.e. war refugees and those who've lost their homes due to natural disasters for instance. you are recieving this email because i want people to know about it and you can hopefully help by letting visitors to your websites know about Font Aid. The more people who know about Font Aid, the more people will buy the font and then more money will be donated to help those who need it. tell your friends, tell your family, tell your mailinglist and tell your visitors about Font Aid.

you can read more about Font Aid on the Font Aid website, - and if you have any questions or comments just mail me!

January 20

From the Webmonkey digest:

Today we're premiering a new article about font-managing programs, and if you're a fontaholic with a conscience (does such a thing exist?), you might want to check out FontAid. Claes Kallarsson of Fuel Fonts organized this project, gathering together 27 of the top typeface designers to create a single letter for a font. The complete alphabet goes for US$10, and all proceeds will go to UNICEF to help war and disaster refugees. The font itself is, of course, a wild mishmash of interesting characters. Check it out:

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article posted 13 January 2000 and last updated 20 January 2000.

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