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Minor VTT update released

Redmond, WA. - 6 April 2000
Microsoft has issued a minor update to Visual TrueType. VTT 4.2.1 is available to licensed users of the tool.

Version 4.2.1 includes the following fixes.

  • Fixed a bug in 'Import glyphs' that prevented VTT from importing glyphs into symbol fonts.
  • Fixed a bug that under particular conditions (bad [manually added] TT assembly code) could lead to loss of outlines.
  • Made the Mac version a tad smarter to recognize that it's running under a MacOS version for which we still have to implement the use of the Mac rasterizer, so we don't have two versions anymore.

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article posted 6 April 2000 and last updated 6 April 2000.

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