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OpenType spec updated

Redmond, WA - 21 July 2000
The OpenType Specification has been updated. Version 1.25 can be found in our specification section. See the changes log to see what's new. Adobe's David Lemon made the following announcement to the OpenType e-mail list.

As you all know, the OpenType specification is an evolving piece. Microsoft and Adobe continue to work on it with the goal of clarifying the information there and adding more as needed. While further updates are planned, we didn't want to wait any longer with some that have been queued for a while now.

The changes in the new version, 1.25, reside mainly in the section describing registered layout features (in which I have a personal interest). Both Microsoft and Adobe have registered a handful of new features, removed a few, and added clarifications to many. See the change log (link on the initial page of the spec) for details. Feedback on these changes, or on other changes for which you see a need, is welcome.

Most of these new features are already in use in fonts from Microsoft or Adobe, as those of you in the beta programs will notice.

The specification can be found in its usual place on both corporate sites. Microsoft: Adobe:

David Lemon

article posted 21 July 2000 and last updated 21 July 2000.

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