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OpenType support in Photoshop 6

San Jose, CA. - 1 September 2000
Adobe's newly announced Photoshop version 6 includes similar OpenType support to Adobe's InDesign package. Photoshop 6 supports OpenType fonts with the following OpenType features.
  • standard ligatures ('liga')
  • proportional oldstyle figures ('onum' + 'pnum')
  • small caps ('smcp')
  • case-sensitive forms ('case')

Unlike InDesign the new Photoshop update doesn't support 'all alternates' ('aalt') and does not have direct access to all glyphs in the font.

Type designers can add these OpenType features and others to their fonts using Microsoft's free VOLT tool.

2 November 2000 - Update

The originally posted list of supported features included 'superscript' (sups) and 'below-baseline subscript' (sinf), however we have been informed that these two features are not supported in Photoshop 6.

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article posted 1 September 2000 and last updated 2 October 2000.

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