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VOLT 1.1 beta released

Redmond, WA. - 19 October 2000
A beta version of VOLT 1.1 has been posted on the VOLT community site. VOLT is a tool for adding OpenType Layout tables to fonts.

This VOLT update includes the following new features and fixes.

Features added

  • Profile window displays glyph names string with result glyphs itself
  • Support multiple character codes for one glyph
  • Surrogates supported as codepoints in cmap
  • cmap service support
  • cmap format field now understand "Format.version"
  • VOLT asks to save changes before shipping font
  • Recent files list
  • Command line params support added
  • Find Glyph dialog opens on Ctrl-F in glyph editor
  • 'Enter' end 'ESC' in Find Glyph have standard dialog box behavior
  • Glyph editor doesn't jump to move founded glyph to the top row
  • Support for . and _ in glyph names


  • Fixed: Several fatal errors when project not opened
  • Fixed: Glyph editor refreshed after importing project
  • eula.txt added to the setup directory
  • Setup fix: Create program group

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article posted 19 October 2000 and last updated 19 October 2000.

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