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Adobe's OpenType 3rd wave

San Jose, CA - 5 December 2000

The third group of Adobe 'pro' OpenType fonts is now available for purchase from Adobe. 'Pro' signifies that the fonts are in OpenType format and include typographic refinements like small caps, old style figures, and alternate characters. Adobe will be releasing more 'pro' families in the coming months.

This set includes Chaparral Pro (8 fonts), Chaparral Pro Opticals (32 fonts, includes the 8 fonts in Chaparral Pro), Trajan Pro (2 fonts) and Organica (1 font).

Type Designers!

You too can make fonts with the same OpenType features as the Adobe 'pro' OpenType fonts. In August we posted Andy Crewdson's tutorial for type designers that shows how to add Adobe InDesign supported OpenType features to TrueType fonts using our VOLT tool.

Following this simple guide you can quickly give your fonts the same features* as those found in Adobe's new 'Pro' OpenType fonts.

*Adobe's OpenType fonts contain PostScript outlines, whereas VOLT lets you add OpenType features to TrueType fonts.

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article posted 5 December 2000 and last updated 5 December 2000.

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