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'OpenType Toolbox'

Redmond, WA. - 5 January 2001
Microsoft's typography group is working on a visual font file validation and editing tool, code-named the 'OpenType Toolbox'. We're currently at the specification stage, and are gathering a list of common scenarios and tasks that font developers have to undertake. Some examples are listed below…
  • A font vendor has created a .TTF, .TTC, or family of fonts and needs a way to edit various tables to correct values that have been erroneously set. The font vendor will use the OpenType Toolbox editing capabilities to set correct values without having to recompile the font in the outline editor (that was the cause of the errors to begin with).
  • A company has accepted a font and needs to change the version number before shipping the final font. The company uses the Font Editor tool to modify the version number in the ‘name’ table.
  • A user has created a new font. The user uses OpenType Toolbox to test the font they created and finds that the ‘hdmx’ data is not correct. The user repairs the font using OpenType Toolbox repair functionality.
  • A font vendor has created a font that will be used with Office. OpenType Toolbox can be used to make sure that the font meets suggested requirements for the best Office performance. For example, the Toolbox will make sure all visi characters and normal punctuation are present in the font, or inform the font vendor of the missing characters.
  • A user has 40 fonts that are ready for shipping. The user employs the OpenType Toolbox to remove temporary tables and validate/prepare the fonts for shipment.

These scenarios are quite specific, but are representative of general tasks. We are asking font developers to provide us with other specific examples of other common tasks (we're not looking for really obscure or purely theoretical tasks) that we can add to this list.

Once we move towards a beta program for the tool we will be setting up a Web community to support it. An announcement will appear here.

Please join the discussion on the Font Tools Community or mail your scenarios to us.

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article posted 5 January 2001 and last updated 5 January 2001.

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