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Emigre's new font format

Sacramento, CA. - 13 May 2002

The latest Emigre mail out announces the official release of the OpenType version of Mrs Eaves.

Mrs Eaves OpenType

Mrs Eaves is the first Emigre font to be released in OpenType format. This format makes it possible to incorporate typographic features, such as small caps, ligatures, old style numerals and lining numerals, all within one font file, thereby simplifying font management and usage. The Mrs Eaves OpenType package contains the equivalent of over 17 fonts. It includes everything in the Regular package, the Smart Ligatures package and more!

Mrs Eaves OpenType Roman Italic and Bold: $299

Upgrades: Registered customers who have purchased both the Mrs Eaves Package and the Mrs Eaves Smart Ligatures Package may upgrade to the OpenType Package for $149.

For more information, check out:

In other Emigre news additional weights and styles of Cholla have been released to compliment the original Cholla fonts.

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article posted 13 May 2002 and last updated 13 May 2002.

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