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Euro comments requested

Montreal, Canada - 15 February 1999
Way back in 1996, in response to discussions on Typo-L, Neil Kandalgaonkar set up a page criticizing the design of the euro currency symbol. The page was later renamed 'About the new euro', and become a sounding board for ideas about how to work within the limitations of the design. With the recent introduction of the currency Neil is looking to extend the page to include historical detail, technical analysis and examples of unusual interpretations of the symbol.
With 1999 and all I'm getting a lot of journalists asking questions about my old page discussing the design of the euro.

It's long overdue for an update. so I'm making one. Expect a more rational discussion, more explanation of who I am, explanation of typographical issues for the non-typographer, clarification on how the EC backed off from their 'copyrighted logo' idea, and I'll fix the links so they point to more current resources.

If you're looking for more euro information and links to free downloadable euro-enabled fonts check out Microsoft's FAQ on the subject. It features indepth coverage of some of these issues.

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article posted 15 February 1999 and last updated 15 February 1999.

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