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2012 Lettering Tour

Italy - 12 December 2011
July 18–28

Northern Italy: Milan, Parma, Verona, Rovereto, Aquileia and Venice
calligraphy and letterpress workshop at the Tipoteca in Cornuda

led by Paul Shaw and Alta Price
with calligrapher Luca Barcellona, letterpress printer Lucio Passerini, type historian James Clough and Sandro Berra of the Tipoteca

$3800 ($3500 for students) excluding travel to and from Italy
SPECIAL DISCOUNT of $300 off until Monday December 5

You can mix business with pleasure (or pleasure with pleasure) this summer by taking part in the Legacy of Letters tour and workshop in Italy dedicated to enjoying and learning about all manner of letters. We will spend a day in Parma, not only to see the original types of Giambattista Bodoni and a fabulous manuscript by Bartolomeo Sanvito, but also to see a range of Roman inscriptions. But that is only one day out of this wonderful ten-day tour and workshop. We will also see Roman inscriptions (including early Christian ones) in Aquileia, some writing books by Arrighi and Tagliente, early printed books by Nicholas Jenson and Aldus Manutius, the Futurist lettering of Fortunato Depero and spend time at the Tipoteca studying calligraphy and making prints with wood type. A smorgasbord of lettering fun. And with great food.

For full details, an illustrated digital brochure and a registration form contact Paul Shaw at


article posted 12 December 2011.

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