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AT Somaskript

Web - 2 November 2012
Somaskript Font Launch

Celebrated illustrator, designer & artist James Marsh continues to extend his collection of unique typefaces with the latest addition Somaskript, a stylish & modern display face with delicately finessed features.

Somaskript is released through Marsh’s own ArtyType foundry, with the fonts available to try & buy online via

Somaskript comes in solid and incised forms, each with accompanying slanted styles, making a family of four fonts. An additional ‘Tall’ variant, compressed along the horizontal axis only, is available separately and extends the Somatype series to a total of 9 fonts.

According to Marsh, “SomaSkript is a natural extension to the basic Somatype font design, adding a wider variety to the family, all of which have similar features. Basically, by widening the uprights and maintaining the thin cross-bars it adopts more of a script-like quality, hence the name. Slanting the letters reinforces the script illusion and consequently brings a wider application to the font’s original format.”

“When designing the Somatype alphabet originally, I always envisaged maximizing its potential by creating an incised version. This rendition not only emphasizes the implied script qualities within the name but brings out the softer, feminine side of the typeface. The evolutionary process creates a different looking face altogether and in turn the slanted version emphasizes the elegant quality even more so.”

Somaskript styles cost $29 each or $59 for the family containing 4 fonts in OpenType & TrueType formats.

Webfont kits are also available directly from MyFonts:

For further info, images etc please send an email

article posted 2 November 2012 and last updated 2 November 2012.

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